About marketKing

marketKing is the story of two brothers, Jacques and André Leonard, who are passionate about online trading as well as sales and marketing.

They swore an oath to help online trading companies make as much money as possible.

They are keeping their word with clients in the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

However, this tale, driven by an extreme focus on results, is far from over!

Since starting their journey with marketKing, they have invested countless hours sharpening their swords to become the result bringers they are today.

They helped one client transition from offering courses for free to making over $18,000 per month by founding their online sales and marketing department.

Impressively, this client has been with marketKing for months, entrusting them with all aspects of sales work, from email marketing and copywriting to writing video sales letters.

Another client, a well-known institutional bank trader, relies on them for sales and marketing consulting, copywriting, email marketing, target market research, and sales support and enablement.

This client generated over $21,000 in revenue within just 20 days of working with marketKing.

An equally remarkable story involves marketKing helping a client who started with zero email list subscribers grow their list to 400 in just 2 months.

They sold over 70 courses using this small list, thus enabling the client to make further investments in their business.

They have also assisted a well-known trading company, which struggled to secure 1-on-1 consultations for a high-ticket product.

marketKing advised them to relax and let them work their magic, resulting in 23 consultation calls in the 1st month of working together and 6 high-ticket sales, dramatically boosting their client’s revenue.

This client now trusts marketKing for email marketing, copywriting, WhatsApp marketing, and blog writing.

Additionally, they have successfully supported a client with OCD, enabling them to overcome their fear of sending emails.

This has empowered the client to confidently entrust them with managing their email marketing.

They also boosted the client’s confidence in showing their face on social media, which led to incredible results for their company and online presence.

One thing that sets marketKing apart is their approach to service agreements.

Unlike other marketing agencies, they don’t sign a one-year contract and then slack off.

Instead, they work tirelessly, knowing that a client can cancel the service at any time if they’re not satisfied.

They are highly disciplined individuals, relentlessly working towards their dream of being the best for every trading company that entrusts them with their sales and marketing expertise.

Results are all that matter to marketKing, and anyone coming onboard is guaranteed an incredible experience—they have proven this time and again.

The journey is far from reaching its peak.

Soon, the name marketKing will be on every trading company’s lips, and those who didn’t act will have some catching up to do.

As the marketKing slogan goes, don’t be a market thing, be a marketKing! 👑

Our Sales and Marketing Services Include, but Are Not Limited to:

Market Research and Analysis
Email Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
Content Strategy and Management
Funnel Strategy
Sales Support and Enablement
Performance Measurement and Analytics
Sales and Marketing Consulting